Translator App — 2016

I wanted to create an application that was easy to use. 
For the purpose of example, I looked at In my experience, is a rather flawed example of how a translation application should behave.
Admittedly, German application does come with its perks; “Language Packs,” allow for users to use the application even when they’re not connected to mobile or wireless networks. “Language Packs,” however, being core to the application’s workings, one cannot plainly look up words in languages whose “Language Pack” is not installed on your device; one has to download the entire translation library of a particular language in order to translate only a single phrase or term.
In my take, I wanted to improve both the application’s user experience (UX) and the application’s user interface (UI), to allow the application for following Google’s Material Design guidelines.

Screenshots of design of the dict cc app
In my experience, is a rather flawed example of how a translation application should behave.


• Allow for the user to effortlessly switch between various languages.
• Display “Translation History” to access previous translations.
• Create a “Vocabulary Trainer” section within the application.
• Design Update: Follow Google’s Material Design guidelines.

Solutions to Challenges:

• UX: It is a breeze to switch between different languages now.
• UX: “History” displays your previous translation, so you can return to your recent translations, should you need or want to.
• Installed: “Favorites” — A “Vocabulary Trainer”.
• Design Update: Application follows Google’s Material Design guidelines

Screenshot focused on top navigation
The Top Navigation allows for the user effortlessly switch between various languages.
Screenshot focused on bottom navigation
Bottom Navigation: Translation, History, and Favorites (Your Vocabulary Trainer)

Screen Designs, Translator App:

Screenshot of the main screen
Your Main Screen
Screenshot of the search results
Your Cards
Screenshot of the detail page
Your Detailed View (Invoked by tapping on a particular card)
Screenshot of translation history
Your Translation History
Screenshot of all available and downloaded dictionaries
Your Dictionaries

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